Jump Start mode 🏃

One of the main issues with HanziHero is the slow on-ramp. We were able to combat this partially with Character Unlocking so one can get to characters within sign up day.

But the hard cap of 20 items per day can be frustrating for those that want to ramp up faster.

By the same token, anything above 20 items a day is unsustainable. I’ve learned this lesson brutally many, many times :sweat_smile: and the unfortunate cost is many wasted hours between catching up and burn out :frowning:

So for new users or users whose rank is less than 3, you now have Jump Start mode available–more specifically, you can bump up your daily lesson limit all the way up to 40 items a day temporarily.

It’s highly recommended to pair this with Character Unlocking for the quickest onboarding experience–specifically, updating the setting to Unlock when prior items are learned so you get to characters quicker :+1:

The docs were updated to reflect this change here and here.

That’s all, happy studying!


This is awesome! I wish I had it when I got started, but glad that new users will be able to take advantage of it. :blush: