Feature request: daily lesson limit overclocking

I’ve been using Hanzihero for a few days now, and, so far, I’m loving it.
The UI is stellar, the mnemonics make sense and so does the order in which things are presented.

I would love to grind away on HH for a few hours at a time, or at least have the opportunity to do so. The daily limit puts a cap on that ambition, unfortunately.

It feels wasteful to wait for the next set of lessons while being in a position where I can study more.
The superb “extra study” widget helps to grind out a few extra drops, but after more or less getting all known items to stick, there’s nothing left to throw oneself at.

I understand the load will ramp up as I go on, but I would love to get there sooner, and for the lesson ceiling to be just a little higher.

I’ve checked out recent blog posts touching on this topic, and I completely understand the general need for a cap.

I’m wondering, however, if there’s a way to integrate a feature that allows a user to effectively ‘overclock’ the limit. Maybe it’s possible to present the option in such a way that clearly shows how generally irresponsible an (e.g.) 40 lesson/day limit is, while still giving the user this option.

I really like HanziHero, and I’m dreading the idea of having to jump fence to Heisig’s RTH just because it doesn’t (physically) enforce a limit.

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Welcome to the forum!

We’ve discussed adding a “jump-start” lesson limit for those onboarding onto the app so they can get to a healthier amount of reviews earlier, and then it is reset back to 20 items/day. I think this ought to solve this issue for you, but

I can’t think of anything at this time to solve this one. Ideally with a high enough daily lesson limit, one wouldn’t need to “reset” for more lessons.

I guess one option we could offer is “tap into the next day lessons” or something along those lines. Would you mind explaining your main objective here? If you want to basically “time travel to the next day” to do more reviews and lessons, then I would understand what you mean :slight_smile:

Or, in another view, maybe to keep the “healthy” limit of 20 items/day, but if you’re feeling more motivated, then you can request to see more lessons that day.

Here’s a thread with more context:

Thank you so much for your response!

That would be an absolutely stellar feature. What could that look like? The user gets served the usual N of lessons with an option to continue past the limit as per desire?

I’ve just now realized that traveling to the next day won’t up the workload in the grand scheme of things anyway🤦. Please disregard my initial comment.

I think this sort of thing could be covered by a “Target Study” idea previously discussed. With “Target Study” one could select the items they want to review and jump into an Extra Study session with them :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I’ve added Jump Start mode 🏃 which you can use to speed up your onboarding :+1:

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