Feature request: marking characters as already known

I don’t know if I’m just blind, but so far, I haven’t found a feature that would allow me to tick characters that I already know. I am currently nearing the end of HSK 2 level and I already learned many of the characters the hard way on my own. Right now, it’s a bit frustrating because I want to make progress using this application, but I already know many of the characters that I am learning. And the fact that I can only learn 20 items per day makes this method a bit slow. I think it could be a good idea to make it possible for me to go through the character list and tick off the ones I already know, making it possible for me to progress more quickly.

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Seconded. I’ve been studying for almost a year. I got this to nail down my character memorization but I already knew some pretty well and it would be nice to be able to skip the ones I have a good handle on.

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Our answer to “skipping” is found within Character Prioritization.

This allows you to search and queue up characters you don’t know.

Here is some documentation behind our reasoning why we don’t have a “skip item” option at this time.

Of course, the forum is still open and we’ll keep an open mind about adding such functionality, but I would encourage trying out character prioritization first and see if that solves your problem of getting to characters you want to learn now :slight_smile:

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@phil Thanks for making the position clear.

So it doesn’t really impact me - I’m at the point where sounds are non existent, and components are increasingly rarer. So I got through the tax, so to speak.

My concern is that the lack of flexibility may turn off new or prospective users. Especially heritage speakers that tend to already know the first few HSK levels. Reading the linked page I sense a bit of conflation between the goal (help learners efficiently learn Chinese and the method (SRS, mnemonics, nice UI, etc.).

Skipping reduces mnemonic effectiveness

In order to make use of the mnemonics within characters, you will need to know the names of the components and sounds within it.
In order to make use of the mnemonics within words - and to truly understand them - you will need to learn the characters that are within it.

So If a mnemonic of some new character/word references a previous character mnemonic, I could see this being somewhat of a big deal. But A) if someone wants to skip a character because they know it, learning the word should be no problem. B) I don’t see why mnemonics are strictly a necessary part of using the site. There are bound to be lots of people who don’t want to really use them. Have you done any polling or something like that? TBH I have no idea - maybe I’m in the minority here.

Bulk skipping is too imprecise

At HanziHero, the goal is to help users master characters. Indiscriminately skipping large amounts of content, such as an entire HSK level or two, will leave users with large gaps in their character knowledge.
We think that it is better to spend a bit of additional time going over some items you already know than it is to skip ones you don’t. And if you truly know those items, the lessons and reviews for them will be so easy that it will hardly be much of a burden at all.

I can sympathize with this. On the other hand, I’m not sure if this is actually an effective use of time or the right standards. Suppose you are HSK 4

  • Even if you have somewhat of a gap (say 5%), is the average HH user that has studied the first HSK1-3 characters going to be able to answer HSK1-3 items at 95% ? I suspect the average HH user has “gaps”.
  • When you account for synonym/other review toil, I doubt a native speaker would get 100% of the items correct. So these “easy” reviews would still be a lot of toil. I spend so much time everyday adding synonyms because the point of SRS isn’t to quibble over which English word is a good translation. Point is, even if you know an item, it’s still a lot of time.
  • Clearly at some point, a large enough gap means you should go back. However there are many tools you could build to provide better estimates. Like a quiz that uses AI or some thing to determine if you know 95% or 98% of the characters at a certain HSK

Skipping leads to non-optimal lessons ordering

This is arguably an artifact of the methods and not necessarily the goal. A heritage speaker or someone at HSK 4 doesn’t need to learn the sounds, and probably doesn’t need the components either. I think skipping a character should imply skipping the associated sounds and components, so this point is a non-issue. Skipping words should also be possible.

Knowledge is not mastery

Many tones he associated with characters were completely incorrect!

And thats why HH is way better than anki IMO, and why people should be here even if they don’t use the whole philosophy.

Prioritization is the answer, and more or less the same

I actually agree here. But why not have a bulk prioritization tool? Quickly go through the characters in HSK order and click on them to select, like you would in Windows Explorer, Google Photos, etc. UI.

My main concern here is that there are more people who could/should use HH, but the toil of having to go through all the sounds, components, early characters/words might be a turn off.

Yeah bulk prioritization is something we want to add at some point, and will probably get to sometime after we rework the main curriculum list pages.

We aren’t entirely opposed to adding skipping at some point, but the documentation article outlines why - relative to all other features we continually work on - we haven’t yet worked on it. I definitely understand the desire for the feature, and many other feature requests we get, but besides time we are also limited by a certain “UI complexity” budget.

The other thing we have been thinking about is increasing the daily limit at the beginning, as suggested by some users on this forum.

As always, thanks @dollarwolv for the feedback.

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This is my exact situation. Heisig refugee, did the old HSK4 about 5 years ago, and can read a lot of Chinese but need a way to expand vocab and increase accuracy. Not sure if this system can help someone like me.

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Welcome to the forum!

It doesn’t hurt at all to reinforce what you already know :slight_smile:

You can give it a try by prioritizing the characters you misread and, when the priority queue is empty, maybe you’ll stumble across additional characters you didn’t know you’ve forgotten too.

We still are planning to add bulk operations–that is, in this case, you would be able to prioritize all of HSK5 if you feel that’s where you want to start–but I wouldn’t discount the value of revisiting what you know, and what you may have forgotten :+1:

Thanks for your response. I’m wondering is there a risk of the pneumonics interfering with one another? And does it make sense to study traditional instead to avoid that situation? Or is that a dumb idea

The Heisig and HanziHero mnemonics interfering with each other? I don’t think so. After all, if one already knows well the meaning/pronunciation of a character, they can skip trying to learn/memorize the mnemonics entirely. We have some users who do just that.