Extra Study widget: recent mistakes 📚

Doing only Lessons and Reviews can get you pretty far when it comes to mastering Chinese :slight_smile:

But you could get a lot farther if you had different ways to review. Thus the Extra Study widget, which’ll offer various studying options.

NOTE: When you load up an Extra Study session, it does not influence your Course progress, but it influences your Memory progress :wink: (in other words, anything done within an Extra Study session does not affect your SRS stages).

The first available studying option is the Recent Mistakes option.

Previously there was no easy way to test yourself on items you didn’t get right in your Review sessions.

Now you can with the Recent Mistakes option. You can review all items you didn’t answer correctly within the last 48 hours, or the last two days :+1:

If you have an idea for another studying option, let me know :slight_smile: the next one we plan to add is “Recently Learned” – these will be items that you haven’t yet become familiar with.

Here are the docs on the Extra Study widget for more info.

Happy studying!


This is awesome!

  1. Can we set the lesson batch size to be the application default? looks like right now the lesson batch size is the entire set.

  2. When I fail an item, there are generally two categories:

  • Items where I could self-correct when I know the first answer was wrong. e.g. typo, thought I read a different character, minor lapse in memory.
  • Items that I didn’t really learn in the first place very well, or are persistently getting confused and forgotten.

I want a way to practice the second category specifically because right now I have 40 recent mistakes, but only need help with ~15 of them.

Right now the application has review and lessons for the entire set, which can make it tedious to target the ones I actually need help with. I wish there was a way to select the items I want to study. Perhaps the best way to do this would be to introduce a new box called “Target Study”.

  • users could add/remove from this set in the individual character/word page or after the item appears in review
  • also need a way for users to remove characters in the set while looking at the set. Maybe like how a photo album/music playlist works. Edit → click toggle boxes → remove all.
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Yes, that sounds like a reasonable change :+1:

I really like this concept :slight_smile: I don’t see why we couldn’t support a “Target” study.

Instead of manual adding/removing, an alternative would be to check the last three reviews of an item and see if there were mistakes for each one, automating the process :thinking:

Yeah actually I like this idea a lot. But I think you might want to do something like 2/3 wrong. Maybe look at user data or play around with that a bit with it yourself. I think this setting should exist to target those items that simply aren’t progressing in SRS rank, and hence clogging up a lot of reviews.

First of all, thank you very much for this new feature! I’ve used it twice already today when I had some spare time. :slight_smile: It’s made me visit the HH website more than my usual once or twice a day (usually the first for a review and then the first lesson batch and then the second time later for the second lesson batch).

I don’t know how much work it would take to build in the data collection and the user interface but ideas which would be awesome for me:

  • being able to adjust the mistake interval from the current past 2 days to a longer period; or

  • being able to specify that I want to be tested on the characters / components / words which I’ve made more then an adjustable number of mistakes on in total.

On the latter, it might be nice (unless the feature is already there but I haven’t come across it yet) to be able to list out the characters I know in SRS rank order. Hack Chinese has a similar function where I can list out the characters I know ranked in order of how well the website thinks I know that character.


We should get around to revamping the various curriculum list pages in the next month or so, which will include adding this functionality. :+1:

I can see us adding an option in that new revamped interface to select multiple characters at a time and then jump into a targeted review session for the items selected. I’ll file a note on our end to explore that from a UI/UX perspective.


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