Chinese music sharethread

Feel free to share the Chinese music you’ve found or have been listening to.

I’ll kick it off with a Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 classic.

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It’s hard to go wrong with anything by Faye Wong 王菲, IMO:

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I probably listen to 王菲 more than every other Chinese artist combined. Some I particularly like:

  • 乘客
  • 你快樂所以我快樂
  • 無常

Anyway, been watching a bunch of Taiwanese dramas lately, which almost always have extremely catchy tracks for the opening credits. Unfortunately the songs are almost always better than the shows themselves which nearly always fizzle out after the climax.

From 必娶女人 (OK at start, becomes nearly unwatchable halfway through)

From 敗犬女王, which I just started and seems like it will be pretty decent.

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The ending from “God Troubles Me”, a Chinese anime that I found quite funny. A refreshing absence of epic battles, magnificent palaces, and beautiful people.

Nice, I might check it out. I know that bilibili has been producing a bunch of Chinese anime, but I have yet to watch any. But I’ve heard some good things.

Another 王菲 classic.

问心无愧 by Timi Zhuo (卓依婷). Not the most beautiful song ever, IMO, but it interests me strangely. Apparently, there is also a Hokkien version.

I don’t listen to much Hokkien music, but here is one song I’ve always liked. Music video is pretty cool, too.

The closing theme from the classic series My Fair Princess 還珠格格. Super catchy!

Starting watching this has been a welcome relief from the endless onslaught of horrid contemporary-setting Taiwanese dramas I’ve had in the background. It is quite good so far!

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Adding Jay Chou, from Paris…

… to Cuba (? not sure):

Hokkien sounds really interesting! Glossika has a free Hokkien course, which is nice of them.

If I recall correctly, there aren’t many other resources other than that unfortunately. I may be wrong on that though.

It does sound like a cool language!

Cool thread. I’ll check those out. Hokkien indeed does sound nice!

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Two more by 王菲.

A single from 2016:

And my personal favorite song of hers:

And my favorite lyric from it:

喜中帶憂 暗中有光
joy carries sorrow, darkness has light

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Astro Bunny has been my long-time favorite, as Chinese music is generally too… acoustic for my taste.


Recently came across this one and found it rather catchy:


Here is a pretty dynamic song about rare Chinese characters. How relevant for HanziHero! :slight_smile:
抖音《生僻字》陈柯宇 Sheng Pi Zi Pinyin Lyric Video - YouTube

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Here’s a high bpm one I came across :slight_smile:

Favorite lyric:

啊 幸福的虛假
Ah, blissful falseness

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Honestly think it is worth learning Chinese just for 王菲 alone.

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“One million possiblities” by Christine Welch. The lyrics can be found in the Youtube description. I like the song, and her Chinese is incredible. There are some differences from the standard Mandarin pronunciation; it might be the Taiwan thing.

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Another by 王菲 I’ve been listening to.

And a classic by 伍佰 & China Blue

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