Why not make a discord?

I would like to know how others go about learning chinese so I think it would be cool if there was a hanzihero discord. In many respects exchanging ideas about language learning and particular chinese and with this method in particular it would be really helpful to talk to people. I know that this could make this community board perhaps obsolete but why not take it over to discord?


There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. We ourselves don’t use Discord much, if at all.
  2. Discord is a third-party platform that we have no control over. It also requires its own account instead of being integrated into the application like Discourse (our forum software) is. We don’t like requiring users to make a separate account to access our community.
  3. Moderating, managing, and participating in a live chat community requires more resources on our part than a forum equivalent.

Discourse has an experimental feature that adds a live chat to the forum itself, which we may look into integrating in the future.

We aren’t entirely opposed to the idea of Discord or having a forum live-chat eventually, but want to direct our time towards getting some more key features rolled out before we take on the additional commitment.