Why does Hanzi Hero have different HSK character lists?

Looking online, I’m only seeing 150 hanzi in HSK1, and 600 Hanzi in HSK3, instead of Hanzi Hero’s 300. Why are the numbers different? Will this have an effect on my future attempts on graded readers?

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You can think of HanziHero’s HSK level as “when does this character begin to show up in HSK”

HSK levels are cumulative, i.e. everything in HSK 1 will be in HSK 2.

So, for example, 退 retreat shows up at HSK level 3 and above :slight_smile:

You can see this demonstrated within the Wikipedia chart with the table’s Introduced and Cumulative columns:

I would also watch out for the transition between HSK 2.0 and HSK 3.0. Our data is sourced from HSK 3.0, which was introduced a couple of years ago.

HSK 2.0 had an exponential curve, while HSK 3.0 is linear. HH is based on HSK 3.0

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I see, thank you for clearing that up for me. I believe I was looking at HSK2.0 charts