Why Chinese writing is (nearly) useless

Chinese character writing is nearly useless for most self-studying Chinese learners. In this video I go over why this is, and what you should be doing instead.

Of course, if you enjoy writing, you should do it regardless of its utility. Learning languages should be fun. My goal in making this video is to help others learn they don’t need to learn writing if they don’t enjoy it. :+1:


It’s a shame that majority of Chinese classes require you to learn how to write all of the languages.
It seems overwhelming enough to get familiar with them, let alone learn how to write them.

I’ve read how important it is to know the correct stroke order too, which is an extra constraint in learning how to write.
Otherwise the general feeling/flow of the character is lost and thus harder to understand when others read your handwriting.

It seems like technology is deprecating writing–I mean, at least for me. I picked up a pen recently to write something down and it felt weird/mildly difficult to write clearly. To be fair my handwriting was never good anyway. :joy:

I would be curious how much difficulty native speakers face writing the characters after using a computer/phone for awhile.


@kevin @phil I strongly agree with these assessments. A lot of teaching methods and traditions in so many subjects are sorely antiquated. On one hand, that’s not to say those traditions should be discarded and are without merit. On the other hand, it is critical that we constantly re-evaluate and refine those processes given the incredible knowledge and tools available to us now and in the future. It’s a very exciting time! Writing, even in my native language, is the utter bane of my existence so I suppose that makes me partial to your arguments. LOL!


It’s pretty common after college for most Taiwanese to not really need to write anymore, so they will forget how to write some less common ones. It’s kind of similar to us forgetting how certain words are spelt when we no longer have a spellchecker to assist us.

For example here is a PTT thread of someone complaining they forgot how to write many characters because they live in the “computer age”. :laughing: