Why are you learning Chinese?

I’m curious why you decided on Chinese.

There are a lot of languages to choose from; it’s easy to get lost in the choice and not dedicate yourself to one. I’ve jumped between Spanish, Japanese, Latin, and now I’m on Chinese.

In addition, from my mild experience, Chinese does seem more difficult than the alternatives out there.

So what’s your reason?

My current reason is the amount of speakers. There’s (last I checked) over 1.3 billion Mandarin speakers. That’s an entire different world that I have little to no clue about.

Since I have some Chinese friends and I get Chinese food pretty often I wanted to learn their language. It would be cool to order in Chinese. I want to see their face light up when I pull it off one day :exploding_head:

Watching those videos of foreigners out-of-nowhere speaking Chinese are definitely entertaining.
Must feel pretty nice to be the guy doing the surprising! :laughing:

I’m learning for career, family, and social reasons.
In my family and social circles, nearly everyone is fluent in Chinese (Mandarin).