Welcome to the HanziHero Community!

Welcome the HanziHero forum! We’re glad you’re stopping by.

If you’re just starting out with HanziHero, be sure to read through the getting started guide to orient yourself. If you still have some questions, post in Help to get some clarity.

Otherwise, before you browse around and contribute, here are just a couple of things for you to keep in mind/adopt:

We aim to be welcoming :hugs:

Anyone that has an interest in learning Chinese ought to feel comfortable coming to our forum. So, posts that don’t contribute toward that may be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Keep it cool :ice_cube:

In general, we want to avoid hot-button topics, because they’re rarely productive and can cause much frustration and/or consequences thereafter. Hot-button topics include but are not limited to: Politics, Religion & News.

Beyond that, just keep in mind that those you’re interacting with come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Nuance gets lost in text and between cultures :slight_smile: so let’s maintain some faith that whoever did bother you didn’t mean to, and that we can look past slip-ups.

Remember the Golden Rule :orange_square:

Treat others how you want to be treated.

That’s it! We look forward to seeing you around the forum. If you have any questions, shoot an :email: email at hello@hanzihero.com or send us a chat message when you’re on the app.

See you around! :wave:

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