Vocabulary not showing up in lessons

For a while now I have been trying to focus on learning hanzi with vocab, since getting 10 lessons of new hanzi I’ve never seen and have no vocab does very little for me.

However, I’m noticing that I have some still unknown vocab items that are not showing up in my lessons, even though I have already learned its corresponding hanzi.

Some of them, like 借條, are marked as HSK 7-9+ so that might be the reason I’m not getting its lesson, although I’d rather get that word already instead of a new HSK4 hanzi. However, others like 複雜, are HSK3 and still not showing up, I don’t understand why.

This would also be fixed if we could prioritize words too, but there still seems to be something wrong with what I’m getting in my lessons.

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You would be correct :slight_smile: here are some docs on how we select lessons.

Beyond the above qualifiers, like HSK level and number of words already learned per character, one also needs to become familiar with each character within the word.

So looking on my side of things, not all of the characters are familiar for the examples chosen :face_with_monocle:

But as for 複雜 , this is indeed a bug – the HSK level of this word isn’t correct as 複 duplicate is currently reported to be HSK7-9+. I’ve filed a note to fix this :+1:

Still, I see there’s an issue when it comes to word access/number of words :slight_smile: I can see us doing some changes to the word selection algorithm soon as discussed in:

A great visual improvement we could make is to “grey out” the characters you’ve not yet learned, or have not yet become familiar with, otherwise one has no way of knowing whether the character/word is available for lessons. I can definitely see us implementing that!


I see, thanks for the reply!

Changes to the words selection algorithm would be fine, but like I say, at least the options to prioritize words too would help with that for now.
I’d love to be able to prioritize the characters that already have vocab even if they are higher HSK.