UX request- move spelling error request

They typo or spelling error notification covers up the relevant text, making you have to pause for a second to see what the error actually was. Not wanting to pause, I make the same error over and over again because I just want to move onto the next card.

It would be helpful to move the notification over to the left or right so that it doesn’t cover up the text. There’s plenty of screen space on laptop, maybe an issue for mobile

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Thanks for the feedback!

Do you mean that it covers up what you inputted? Here is how it looks for me:

If it is covering the input text itself, it may be a browser-specific styling bug. May I ask what browser you are using?

I tried some more variations and I think I understand what the issue is. Is the issue you are encountering is that the window is too short so the notification goes to the top like so?

If that’s the case, we’ll try to think of some ways to improve the positioning. At the very least, one easy improvement we can make is to make the pop-up dismissable by tapping or clicking on it.

Yeah, must be the browser. I’m using Brave, on a 29.7cm screen.

Making it dismissible would be great


We’ll issue a fix for this soon. I’ll update this thread when we deploy a fix. :+1:


So I just pushed a fix for this, making it so the spelling error indicator remains below the input. Let me know if it still causes any issues, as then I would have to check out Brave maybe :thinking:

Though it looks like Brave uses chromium under the hood, so I don’t think it’ll be a browser issue, just an edgecase in screen size :slight_smile: