User Notes 🗒

Depending on the item you’re on it’s nice to be able to jot some notes about it, so we’ve added the ability to add notes for safekeeping.

Notes can be added either on the Item page, within lessons, or within reviews.

Here’s an example use within lessons:


Check out the docs for more information.

Happy studying! :slight_smile:

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Nice! I sometimes make my own mnemonics as it can be faster/easier to me to make a one word/sound and combine it with the place, instead of combining multiple characters. But I do a little of both, but my memory seems to be faster at piercing it togheter if it’s just one of the words in the mnemonic that actually points at the “correct letters” and a location that points at the accent. But this has made me make a lot of mnemonics with people saying a lot of weird stuff :joy::sweat_smile:

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Haha, I feel like everyone has their own best way to do mnemonics!

Which is why I’m glad we added this feature, to make adding those personal mnemonics and notes easy instead and streamlined. We may also explore adding highlighting to the user notes field eventually, similar to how our mnemonics are highlighted, if there is user demand for it. :slight_smile:

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