Tuesday May 28th 2024 Simplified Curriculum Update



  • 救 rescue alternate meanings: to rescue, rescues, rescued, rescuing

  • 企 tiptoe alternate meanings: to tiptoe, tiptoes, to stand on tiptoe, stand on tiptoe

  • 延 prolong meaning change: delay → prolong

  • 延 prolong alternate meanings: to prolong, prolonged, to delay, delay

  • 延 prolong mnemonic change

  • 抽 take out alternate meanings: to take out, taking out, pull out, draw out

  • 申 express alternate meanings: to express, to explain, explain

  • 引 draw alternate meanings: to draw a bow, to draw, draws, drew

  • 乎 oh alternate meanings: hu

  • 呼 shout alternate meanings: shouts, shouting, exhale

  • 奋 exert alternate meanings: to exert, exerts, exerted, exerting, exert oneself

  • 描 describe alternate meanings: to describe, describing, describes, trace

  • 伙 companion meaning change: partnership → companion

  • 伙 companion alternate meanings: partnership, partner

  • 伙 companion mnemonic change

  • 择 choose meaning change: select → choose

  • 择 choose alternate meanings: to choose, chooses, choosing, select, to select, selects, selected, selecting

  • 择 choose mnemonic change

  • 意 idea alternate meanings: ideas


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Thank you for the regular updates. We all appreciate your guyses hard work. Love HH!

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I am still on my free trial, but I am definitely going to subscribe once it’s over because of these constant updates. I love what you are building here and how consistent you have been with the updates, keep it up!