Suggestion: Warning on improper pinyin instead of fail

If you type something like “shi4jei4”, you fail the card. Granted there is an undo button, but that is a huge disruption for the review process. Can we have a warning s.t. the user can just backspace and fix the typo?


Another suggestion character and component cards that have the same meaning shouldn’t be repeated. E.g car, rabbit, member, fire, and the list goes on.


Thanks for the feedback!

I think this is something we may add soon, perhaps as an advanced toggle to begin with, before deciding whether or not it should be the default behavior.

We haven’t added it up to now for two reasons:

  1. Some users may prefer failing the card to the guardrail approach.
  2. If we have the guardrail, there was no way to “force submit” a question unless one types out SOME valid pinyin of some sort, due to the narrow scope of the guardrail.

(2) is no longer an issue once we added the “reveal answer (SHIFT+ENTER)” functionality some months ago. (1) is no longer an issue if we make the behavior toggle-able.

I’ll add an item to our backlog for this. :+1:

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This is now available :slight_smile: you can turn it on under application settings.

Here’s the docs for more information.



One small thing, could there be an undo of the undo button? Sometimes I do the keyboard shortcut too fast, and then I have to remember to force fail the card when it comes up again.