Suggestion: Adding ⺼(Meat) as component

In Hanzi that contain the Kangxi radical⺼, HanziHero always takes it as ⺝ (Moon). However, ⺼ tends to signify meat.

I understand that the components in HanziHero are not a 1-to-1 to the Kangxi radicals and some components are combined (or separated). However, in this case, ⺼is present in a LOT of hanzi in which the meaning makes sense (臉, 腿, 腳, 臟, 腦, 肺, 背, 肚, 肌…).

Was there a reason to combine it with ⺝? For me the mnemonics are way simpler if I think of it meaning meat.

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This is a good idea. I’ll have to think about it some more.

In terms of the rationale for this one specifically: typographic limitations. Earlier versions of the application (and the text editor I use to type these in) use a different font where the ⺼ component is visually reduced to ⺝. So it did not really make sense at the time to include a ⺼ component that would never actually show up in the characters! The font we later settled on, Noto Sans TC, does indeed differentiate between the two within most characters, however.

I can actually see this in play on this forum, where system font is relied upon, at least for Chinese characters. In my case, that means they display as PingFang TC, which also doesn’t differentiate between the two. Here is how I see your text:

And here are those same characters within the Noto Sans TC font we use in the application:

Oh, I didn’t know that! In the font in my computer it always looks different so I didn’t realize certain fonts make it look like ⺝, make sense why you went this way.

In any case, considering the current font I’d still suggest to add it, I feel it will make learning all those characters a tiny bit easier :slight_smile:

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