Skipping Words Know

Why can’t I skip a word that has already been added to my lessons?

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We are currently working on a way to skip words (and anything, really) directly within the lesson itself. We hope to release a beta for this feature in the next month.

Right now the only way to do so is to go to the words page and manually navigate to any words you want to skip and mark them as such in advance. This is far from ideal and a bad experience, hence why we want to rework the lesson flow to make it all integrated and seamless. :construction_worker_man:

That’s wonderful news. It’s really frustrating seeing words that you know, you know by heart and having to over and over waste time on them. For example, currently I have 哈 and 哈哈 and I don’t see why you would even need to learn the latter if you know the first. Anyway, looking forward to that update.

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