Skipping Characters

An issue with HanziHero is that it requires full on buy in if you want to use it.
You have to start from ground zero even if you are up to say, HSK 3 level.

Instead of requiring you to go through every character from scratch within HanziHero, it would be nice if you could skip the ones you already know.

For now we want to allow you to skip characters either by HSK level or just individually as you go through your lessons. This means you would not have to learn any Sounds or Components you do not need to learn unless it is required for the upcoming lessons. :slight_smile:

I saw this post but I couldn’t find how to skip certain characters or words. Is this feature live or could I get an explanation? Thanks!

Yeah its a bit confusing, but this is in the “feedback” category to track things we want to add. It hasn’t been added yet.

Currently there are no ways to skip characters. We are still in the midst of developing this feature.

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Cool. That would be pretty useful. Appreciate all constant improvements and fine tuning.