Scheduling items even though other items are prioritized?

Hi everyone. I’m currently studying using the HSK textbooks and I want to use the app to study the characters of the textbooks, specifically. Therefore, I have prioritized all of the characters that are mentioned in the textbook. This has been working out quite well so far and I am making progress, however, today, the app has scheduled characters that are not prioritized even though there are many more prioritized ones. Is this a bug?


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So I looked through things on my end, and it seems every character item scheduled in your lessons today was prioritized last month :+1:

As for the components and sounds in your lessons today, they should be queued up in preparation for a prioritized character item. Do you suspect otherwise?

Finally, for word items, those are scheduled with a different algorithm based off of the characters you’ve learned. Ideally you learn words along with the characters you’ve selected, so we make sure they take up some lesson slots. If you’ve been taken advantage of prioritization, then technically words that show up will be linked to prioritized characters at least, to help reinforce what you learned.

If you want to learn a certain character item today but aren’t seeing it show up in your lessons due to other prioritized characters, you can “reprioritize” it and push it to the front of your lessons just by deprioritizing and prioritizing it again on the item page–from the docs.

I think it may be useful to show whether a character is prioritized or not even after you complete your lessons, so you can see for yourself :thinking: the reason we hid it is because after you complete its lessons its priority becomes irrelevant :slight_smile:

One more thing: maybe the new shades threw you off? We recently bumped the shades to make them more visible:

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