📊 Review Summary and misc updates

Review Summary

After completing your reviews, you’re immediately redirected back to the dashboard and have to figure out yourself how much you actually accomplished.

It would be cool to instead have a summary page to make it more tangible how many reviews you’ve done :sunglasses: thus introducing the Review Summary:


Note the “Review” button within the SRS Demotions – This will open a Custom Study made up of all the items that were demoted for that review session.


There are a few QoL improvements we’ve implemented which is worth a mention :slight_smile:

You can swipe on mobile for the Lessons now

Having to press the side buttons to advance wasn’t the greatest UX, so we’ve enabled swiping:


Various sort & filter options for the Item list pages

It’s likely you’ve already noticed this, we just haven’t made an annoucement about it :sweat_smile:

We’ve added some sort and filter options to all Item list pages so you can drill down by SRS stage, HSK Level, and whether you know it or not.

hanzihero.com points directly to the Dashboard now if you are logged in

One less click to get started on your Reviews :wink:
If you’d like to still see the landing page, you can view it at hanzihero.com/home.

That’s all for now, happy studying!


This is super cool option with review summary ! :smiling_face: THX


The sort & filter options have been an absolute banger!

The review summary looks tasty as well. Can’t wait to try it out.


The summary page is awesome, I love that this site is evolving before our eyes. How far away are we from an android app? A year plus?


No exact timeline yet, but it is definitely on our radar! We hope to also continue to make improvements to the mobile web experience as a stopgap in the interim (like enabling swipe actions as we do here), so if there are any rough edges anyone encounters, please let us know. :slight_smile:

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Review page is awesome - could we get percentages on the total/chars/words though?

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Thanks for this!! I love the review page, very useful :blush:


this is so hype i’ve been waiting for this for so long thank you!!! :smile:


Percentages can now be accessed by hovering (or tapping, if on mobile) on the card you’re interested in :slight_smile: – there’s also now a visual indication on the card side-color.


So, for example, one can see the left “red” bar on Characters is “filled up” to 68% :+1:


Awesome, loving this feature!

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