Review QoL Suggestion: Make meaning and reading prompt different text/background colors

In order to get through 200 reviews/day, I’m basically going on autopilot, my eyes are glued to the Hanzi on the card and I’m immediately trying to answer the card. Frequently I find myself accidentally typing the wrong answer type. Even if I catch myself, I still have to delete what’s there, effectively doubling or even tripling the time spent on that card. One way to mitigate this would be if the “Vocabulary Reading” was a different color than “Vocabulary Meaning” (same w/Characters). This is how WK does it, and after awhile you just associate black background with one card type, light gray with another.


Ditto’ing this request, would love if they had different colors to differentiate more quickly which one is being asked for :slight_smile:

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We actually had a similar idea in some of our old planning notes. I filed a ticket for this. We also have been trying to figure out how to reduce this question-mix-up issue, and this seems like a good step forward.


I would still prefer to have each character appear only once, and I type the meaning and the pronunciation before moving to the next card.