Revamping Item Lists 🚝

EDIT: This change has been temporarily reverted as we explore some other ways to revamp these pages.

The current listings for items are janky, slow, and dense. You can’t do much with them other than look over all of the progress you’ve made.

So let’s change that :slight_smile:

Here’s the new layout, which at least has a considerable improvement over the previous jank.
You can also see more clearly the SRS stage of each item at a glance. As well as sort by HSK level.


Of course, we plan to add filtering. The first filter will be items you’ve not learned yet, so you can “scout ahead” for what’s coming up :face_with_monocle:
We also plan to add bulk operations (e.g. prioritization).

Let me know if you have other filters, sorting, or columns in mind :+1:



I appreciate all of the changes you are making and it is always interesting to see what will come out next.

When it comes to this change… I liked the previous “poster” list.
I was able to see my progress clearly and it was more aesthetically pleasing.

Will it be possible to add some kind of a filter to let us get have the old list back?

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It seems quite slow? If I scroll down using my mouse after a few pages, it then takes a few seconds to display again the next few screens and so on? The old “poster” list - whilst less information dense - seemed quicker to display each block of 500 components (e.g.).

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Question, did the character ordering within HSK change? I have 4 items left in HSK3 they used to be at the end. They are now kind of randomly distributed. I hope that


  • For sure we need HSK filtering, so those of us who’ve been at it for a while can skip down to see what the present/future looks like.
  • SRS stage filtering.


  • Item number column (it’s quite satisfying in the ordered list to see wow, I’m learning item number 902 today)
  • Date learned column
  • Audio clip play button column
  • Prioritization icon column

Other than that, I kinda wish there was a condensed view option. Like the old chart, but grouped/sorted/indicating in some way the SRS level + HSK level. I want to be able to at a glance see wow, look all all the shiny platinum characters I have.


I would definitely like to keep access to both the old chart and the new column-chart replacement. There is value to both. I like the alphabetical order of the new one. It’s great if you are looking up something in pinyin.

But also It was fast and easy to keep a tab on my computer open for the old chart that showed the newest characters learned (It didn’t have to be refreshed and take time to load). I would often look through the most recent characters learned, looking for the different components making up the character, to jog my memory. The same went for looking up the newest words. I could see a lot at a glance. Yes, a little janky, and slow to load, but still with some value that you don’t get with the new list.

So…can we have both please??? I like them both. :grin:

PS And it would be kind of cool if there was a way to look up characters or words by typing in the components of them in a search bar. eg “tree, field” to search for “fruit”…but that could get tricky if it had to be exact, like “rice field” instead of just field or garden (which is how I learned it initially, making it my “alternative word.”) But if a search bar could be used for typing in our listed components (even alternative words we add) for the words/characters, that could be cool… Instead of looking for the fruit character by saying to myself over and over…tree/field…tree/field as I look through the characters.

Just a thought…

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Sure! I agree that the old page is more aesthetically pleasing. In fact, I’ve reverted back to it while thinking on how to add these extra operations :thinking:

What browser are you using if you don’t mind me asking?

Yes, the way we display the items now has a different ordering to more accurately reflect the HSK. We take the positioning of each character within the HSK lists and factor that in :slight_smile:

I have to agree with you here :slight_smile: There’s something satisfying about seeing all of the characters in the tile format. Something feels off about the current design, so I will think on how to integrate it/whether to integrate it. For now, I will try and add these options to the tile format and see how it turns out.

One nice thing about the new chart is how much clearer the pinyin is. There’s something off about all of the extra space left. It also doesn’t look great on mobile since it requires horizontal scrolling.

I will keep the idea in mind about offering both views :thinking: but I think there’s merit to the tile view, so we’ll bring it back :slight_smile:

My current thoughts are to explore a list layout, but not necessarily a table. Still one row per item, but not hard column requirements :thinking:

Thank you all for your input!

So the tile listing is back, but with (hopefully) less jank on the infinite scroll. No more jiggling the scroll around to get items to load at least. It is also ordered to more accurately reflect HSK levels. Let me know if you run into performance issues with the new rendering method @jman :slight_smile:

Safari on the latest macOS Sonoma 14.2.1 on a mostly idle iMac Pro. I just tried Chrome and that does seem faster with the tiled display so I think it may be either down to Safari itself (unlikely ?) or perhaps the Safari extensions I’m using (such as an ad blocker, 1Blocker or StopTheMadness which stops annoying things on websites). I’ll investigate further once the new list display comes back!

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I don’t understand - I guess I’m asking, why is the lesson order and the order on the curriculum page different now? The list on the curriculum page right now is in alphabetical order within an HSK band, but’s new items don’t enter my lesson queue in an alphabetical order. 啊 is the next one in the chart, but not in my lesson queue.

This consistency was kinda useful, because I could get an idea of what item’s I’d be learning in the upcoming days.

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It’s just the first sorting option I’ve added since migrating some of the internals :slight_smile: I’ll see about adding curriculum sort order :+1: