Request: add Mainland pronunciation for 萎, 菌, 吨, 傍 for simplified course

IMO these should have multiple accepted pronunciations. I’m sure there are more, but these are the only ones I could think of.

萎 - wei1萎/3556096

菌 - jun1菌/5343124

吨 - dun4吨/4575548

傍 - bang4傍/2356754

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Thanks for the report. I’ll look into these this upcoming week. 菌 stands out as something that we’ll definitely need to fix for the simplified course.

However, for 吨 I think dun1 (what it currently is for the simplified course) is correct, I checked the following Chinese-language dictionaries, which are usually a good bet:

  • Cross-Straits
  • Xiandai Hanyu Guifan Cidian
  • Xiandai Hanyu Da Cidian

And most English-language dictionaries have it as dun1 as well. We do have it for dun4 for the traditional course as that is how it is pronounced in Taiwan.

On my account I see dun4.

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Haha, sorry about that. I was looking at the latest staged version that hasn’t been “published” yet. It’ll be changed to dun1 in the next update, which I’ll issue sometime in the next day or two :+1: .

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All four have been fixed as of the latest curriculum update.

If you come across any others please let me know. Whenever I add a word for a character that doesn’t have any words for it yet, I double check the pronunciation and meanings for the character for both the simplified and traditional, so any remaining discrepancies will slowly be cleaned up in the long run, but of course the earlier the better!


Thanks! I guess along these lines, 值得 the default in the simplified course is zhi2de2, with zhi2de5 being accepted but “uncommon”. Is this intentional? kinda hard to believe theres a case of neutralization that is the less common one in Mainland China.

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Oh and another: 辱 should be ru3

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