Please create a lifetime subscriptrion option

hi, i have recently finished the free tier of content, and i must say that this is exactly the resource i was looking to find to learn hanzi because im a level 25 lifetime subscribed wanikani user, the reason im requesting a lifetime subsription option is because i will deifnitely buy it, because im actually learning multiple languages at the same time, mandarin being one of them of course, but i cant put 100% of my focus into mandarin everyday so getting a time limited subscription makes me feel as if i wont get my moneys worth, the way i learn languages is that i change my main focus language every few months, so i could be taking a break from mandarin for months at a time. so i think many future polyglots like myself would also appreciate if we had this option, learning multiple languages takes a lot of time and spending money regularly on a resource we only use half the time is not ideal


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You raise some valuable points we’ll take into consideration :slight_smile:

sorry for the late reply but thanks for your consideration

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