💮 New Defaults, Rounding out new SRS

Hey folks :slight_smile: hope you’ve been well

This should be a relatively short announcement, covering features we’ve worked on over the past couple of weeks.

Question Ordering

The previous quiz experience was a complete random shuffle of all questions per item. More specifically, if you had a meaning question, it could be awhile later until you get the pronunciation question.

This effectively means that, for items with meaning&pronunciation questions, you have to recall them twice. This adds a good bit of friction when it comes to getting your reviews done!

Thus, we’ve added Question Ordering preferences, which allows you pair the question together :sunglasses:

We’ve decided to make Pair pronunciation, then meaning the default and updated it for all users. You can always change it back in your settings, here’s the docs.


Thanks to @programjm & @char for this suggestion!

SRSv2 is now default

After a successful trial run we’ve moved over to the new algorithm. It’s now the default for all users; nothing needs to be done on your end to enable it. The docs are updated to reflect this.

With the new SRS one should see significantly less reviews :+1:

A side effect of the new SRS algorithm was changing the steps of being “familiar” with an item. You may have noticed this on your Dashboard:

Instead of three green bars, there’s now only two.
It only takes two successful reviews for an item to become familiar.

Word Unlocking

But instead of waiting for two successful reviews to unlock relevant words, you can unlock them as soon as you learn the character now:


It seems to be more useful to get words of a character as soon as possible, rather than waiting to first be familiar with the character.

More data points = more likely to form connections and remember :face_with_monocle:

Here’s the docs on word unlocking.

That’s all for now! Happy studying!