Mystery item in Diamond (bug)

I am just getting items to plat. I saw today an item count of 1 in Diamond. So it shouldn’t be possible. No idea what it is because I have thousands of cards and there is no way to search by SRS grade.

I do remember opening two review sessions on accident so maybe a double promotion issue? no clue tbh

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This sounds like the culprit after looking through things on my end :slight_smile:

If you started doing reviews in one session and then went to the other session to continue reviews, you may have had stale items/already answered items in the queue.

We will put additional guards against “double promotion” scenarios like this one to prevent this :+1:

I will update this thread when the guards are in place.

The item in question would be 广 - Shack - Chinese component mnemonic | HanziHero


We now have some rudimentary but solid guards to protect against multiple sessions / accidental SRS stage bumps :slight_smile:

As soon as we detect something amiss (like an item that was already reviewed), we’ll throw up the Stale Session modal asking you to refresh:


Further improvements we’re thinking of doing is verifying you only have one session open instead of waiting for the Stale Session modal to pop up :thinking:

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