Mute ctrl+Z sound effect option

Can we get an option to mute the little sound when undoing an answer?? I usually listen to music on my phone while doing my reviews, so I muted the pronunciations and “correct” sound effects, because each time they play they stop the phone’s other audio sources. However there is no such option to mute the undo sound effect. It would be great if you could code in a button like that real quick :smiling_face: Thank you!!


Thanks for the feedback!

We’ll probably change the “mute the correct answer sound” option to instead be “mute all sound effects”. We should get to this in the next coming days. I’ll update this thread when we ship the change that will allow you to mute that undo sound.

Cheers :+1:


We’ve updated our audio settings to cover this case :slight_smile:

Here are the updated docs. :+1: