Monday Dec 4th Traditional Curriculum Update



Newly added


Newly added



One question, what’s the planned pace to add new words to the curriculum?

I was getting too well used to the pace of having 50-80 words added every week, but this last two weeks have been a bit dry on that front.

I’m barely learning any new hanzi that have related vocabulary, but I understand the schedule must be busy and there might be other priorities.

Same question about the simplified course. At my current rate, I have only about 200 vocab left, which is < 1 month, and will soon start getting Hanzi without related vocab. I’ve changed my mind about wanting all of the HSK vocab after starting immersion, but still, I think having at least 2 vocab per character would help a lot with SRS priming.

Do you immerse? Ever since the Character Prioritization update, I use that feature heavily to target characters I’m actually encountering and partially know. That way I’m not learning some random character that I have no idea how it’s used.

I can give a bit more insight on the schedule.

Since we added the character prioritization update, it becomes more important for us to have all of the HSK characters covered. Previously we relied on the fact that we were “thousands” ahead of any user, but now that they can search and prioritize any character in any order, we really ought to have at least the 3k HSK characters covered. So that past two weeks have been focused on finishing out the simplified characters. We have about ~350 left to go that I hope to finish in the next 2 weeks.

Simultaneous to that, we are doing some small tweaks to our pinyin system to iron out some last inconsistencies to it, which will also take up some of the time I have set aside for curriculum.

Lastly, we have some well-advanced users pointing out that they have too many vocabulary lessons every time we add to the curriculum. So we are also making some small tweaks to the lesson scheduling algorithm to make it so things are a bit more even keel. That will also allow me to be more confident about adding an arbitrary amount per week. To respond to those issues, I was trying to limit myself to ~100 a week until we had those algorithm changes in place.

So probably around mid-month I’ll be back to my regular vocabulary adding pace, if not an accelerated one.

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Lastly, we have some well-advanced users pointing out that they have too many vocabulary lessons every time we add to the curriculum.

Yeah I was noticing that sometimes I’d get almost 20/20 vocab cards in the lessons. I kinda wish we could target a range of vocab. On average I want to do about 5-7 characters per day (given that I do 20 items a day). When it’s less than that, I feel like I’m making no progress, when it’s more, it feels like to much.

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Thanks for info about the schedule, it helps! I didn’t know the Simplified curriculum was still behind.

True, there was one or two weeks with a lot of new vocabulary from characters I did before, and that meant the lessons turned into vocab exclusively.
I still really appreciated all the new words though; as I mentioned before I enjoy to have a higher proportion of words than new hanzi in my lessons. But a tweak to the lesson algorithm to make sure we still add some hanzi every day in those situations would be great!

That’s a good point! I have been using the Character Priorization feature a bit already, but it makes sense to rely on it even more heavily while the vocab catches up. Otherwise the SRS starts having diminishing returns if I end up learning characters in abstract like you say.