Monday Dec 18th Simplified Curriculum Update

This update makes it so HanziHero now covers all simplified characters up to and including HSK 6. There are about ~200 missing from HSK 7-9 that we will finish adding over the next month or so. There are currently 2987 simplified characters (and ~3.8k traditional) within the course.



  • removed 廚 kitchen (replaced with 厨)

  • removed 禿 bald (replaced with 秃)


Newly added



Newly added


Excellent update! Thanks for keeping up the effort esp. since we’re approaching the holidays.

BTW, I saw in the UI we were at 299/300 for HSK 4/6, which I found via script to be 著 from HSK 4 and 监 from HSK 6.

Any idea if the HSK officials have already or plan to mark the HSK 7-9 characters as separate levels? Seems kinda strange to just lump 1.2k characters all at the same level - I’d assume there’d be a big difference in frequency. Also, how did you you order them for HH?

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I had a note somewhere for 著 that I’ll need to look over, I think it was something around the fact that it is nearly interchangeable with 着 (which is more common) which is why I did not add it yet. I’ll review as I wrap up HSK 7-9. Also that other one, too.

I don’t think the HSK officials will separate them out until they publish the next iteration of the HSK standards which, historically speaking, could be a decade. :slight_smile:

I think the main algorithm outlined in this post is still the same. We do some combination of looking at the HSK level and then the number of components within the character, roughly. At some point we will incorporate frequency list data as well, not sure precisely when. It is all but needed for the ~2k non-HSK character ordering we will want to improve at some point.

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