Mnemonic suggestions

Apologies if I missed it but is there a central thread where we can make suggestions for (hopefully!) improvements to, or questions about, the mnemonics ?

I just have two so far:

1 For the “rack” mnemonic, the description says “This component depicts a 用 rack of shelves that one can put things on. Towards the bottom are the feet of the 用 rack, while the middle horizontal lines represent the individual shelves.”. I’ve added it myself as a synonym but was wondering whether it would be helpful to add it for everyone - “shelves”? Perhaps it’s a US/UK thing but I’d talk about putting up shelves but never about putting up a rack.

2 For the pawnshop (-an), the description says “The pronunciation of the “awn” in the word “pawn” is quite similar to this final” which I don’t follow. I pronounce “pawn” the same as “porn” (so I don’t see how it’s similar to how -an sounds in Pinyin) but again perhaps this is a US/UK thing. I fixed it in my mind (hopefully) by imagining a pawnshop in a run down part of town with a beggar (pANhandler) outside.


Yeah we can add shelves as a synonym. I’ll look into adding it this week.

For “pawnshop”, it is a US/UK thing. PAWNSHOP | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary (they have audio for both). Maybe I can add a note that it we are referring to the US pronunciation.

Thanks for the feedback!

SHARED MNEMONICS: Someone made a comment (but where that was, I can’t find it) that it would be nice to be able to tap into other people’s mnemonic notes. I agree that it would be nice to have that feature, but also with an option to opt out/ opt in for others to be able to see your personal set. Or even an opt in/out button per item? There are some pretty brilliant minds out there, some of whom wouldn’t mind sharing their treasures.

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I wouldn’t mind contributing to the mnemonics myself; as long as they follow your “modified Marilyn” system and aren’t too tasteless, I’m sure that at least some of my ideas will help. For example, this is my rewrite for 准 (“standard”) –

George Costanza :ear: is in the basement :three: of the infirmary :ear:, where a deep freeze contains a turkey :pen: packed in ice :pen:. He removes the frozen bird to bring it upstairs to the infirmary’s cook; turkey is a standard :open_book: Thanksgiving meal for the patients.

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Thanks for the contribution!

Unfortunately right now we aren’t accepting contributions. However! We hope to come up with a more structured solution to this general problem of “wanting to share/improve mnemonics” within the next half-year. Whether that is the form of a forum thread for each item where people can discuss it, a feedback box for each item where people can submit suggestions/improvements, an integrated sharing system (less likely), or a better notes experience that makes adding personal mnemonics more smooth.