Missed SRS stages

Why did my ‘先 before’ jumped from novice II to apprentice II over apprentice I ?
And so in '‘需 need’ went from novice I directly into apprentice I

Is it because i have used vacation mode ?

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We’ve made some changes to the SRS algorithm to schedule items at a later point in time (i.e., giving it a higher level stage) if one answers a card correctly after a long period of absence.

You can read about the update in this thread: 🀄 Review improvements, SRS V2 Beta

I hope that clears things up. Given that we use a different SRS algorithm where one no longer goes directly/linearly from stage to stage in some cases (to make it so users have less reviews than the old algorithm), we are planning on making some UI changes in the near future to rename the stages a bit to make this more clear.