Method of skipping pinyin training?

I’m an experienced Mandarin learner (TOCFL Level 4 Reading and Listening) living in Taiwan. It’s been many years since I’ve been in a formal Mandarin learning environment, so I’m trying hanzihero to solidify my memory of characters and pronunciations, and to learn new words. Independent study with other resources, like books, has been really hard to structure. Because I’m reviewing, I intentionally set the level low, to HSK 2.

I just started today, and the pinyin/pronunciation lessons are really annoying me. I set to skip HSK 1, so I don’t understand why I’m still getting pronunciation lessons. Any tricks to get past this?

Edit: After starting a few new lessons, it looks like the testing set eventually corrected to not teaching pinyin, so maybe skipping HSK 1 was the key. Leaving this post up in case someone else has the same experience (or if anyone has another explanation/suggestion).


The pinyin pronunciation/association lessons are mainly there to pave the way towards making the mnemonics easier to use later on. Right now there is no straightforward way to skip them within the lesson flow, but we are working on adding this and hope to have it released this month.

However, skipping them can be done today, it just requires a bit more manual effort. You can navigate to each sound listed within the sounds part of the curriculum. On each individual sound page you can click the skip :fast_forward: icon in the top right to mark it as skipped.

Then it won’t show up in your reviews or lessons.

Hope that helps. :+1:

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