Lessons did not register - did register second try

Hi! I just had an issue where I did 20 lessons and they did not register. I reloaded the page multiple times and the same lessons were still available. I did them again and after I finished they were registered.
It could be that they would’ve registered if I had waited a little longer or that there was a connection issue on my side. So I’ll just post this to register the issue if it happens again, or if you have recently launched an update that might cause this issue.

I’ll give an update in this thread if the issue persists on my end

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Thanks for the report!

By “they did not register” do you mean all of them, or a subset?

We do have guards against too large of a request queue, so if you had to do all of the lessons again then that’s curious :thinking:

To prevent this in the future we’ll make sure the request queue is empty before you move on from the page.

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I had to do all 20 again

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Thanks for the details–I figured out the issue and am working on a fix :slight_smile:

Sorry about you having to do the lessons again!

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So the main cause behind this (session handling) has been resolved. I won’t bore with the details :slight_smile:

Next time there are session issues, we immediately warn you about them. As of today, this can only happen in the case where your session has been modified or removed. I don’t expect anyone to see this pop-up, but we have it as a guard just in case.

To consider this completely resolved–making sure no one has to do their lessons again :frowning: – the next step is to handle the edge-case of faulty connections toward the end of a lesson.

We already have stop-gaps for faulty connection issues:

Just need a couple more guards. It’s in my backlog :slight_smile: I will update this thread when that is handled.


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@phil Let’s call this a highly related bug. I think the 20 lessons I got today (haven’t done lessons for about a week) are exactly the same 20 that I had the last time I did lessons. I have seen all the the characters before (I will update here if I see that that is not entirely correct when I go through the lesson now).
It also seems like my custom Synonyms and updated notes have not been stored from the previous session, as you can see the old Notes I had stored for “all” (previously metropolis) was still around - and I remember changing it to something else that fitted the new all meaning.

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Huh… I just completed those 20 lessons, and now I can do 20 more :eyes:
All of these new 20 lessons seems to be new to me

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Update: I got no new lessons after completing these new 20

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Thanks for letting me know about this!

Looking through the logs and your reports, it sounds like a browser caching issue. :thinking:

What browser are you using?

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I’m using Chrome (on Ubuntu 22.04). But I’m pretty certain that last time after I did my lessons the number on the dashboard said 0 new lessons, so I assume it registered something on your side at least.

We looked into this today and filed a couple of tickets which boil down to:

  1. Handling network disconnects better within our lessons UI to make it more clear to the user when there are any network interruption issues.
  2. Detecting stale lesson/review sessions and showing an error indicator to the user in such scenarios.
  3. Add more logging around scenarios where we receive API requests that contain stale information.

We’ll work on these over the next week(s). Thanks again for the report. :+1:

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