Lesson Flow Improvements 🧮

We cleaned up the Lessons stepper while working on the split mnemonics transition.

Previously you would have seen a lot of highlighted tokens–this was chosen under the belief that it would help prepare one for the mnemonic, but instead it may have been overwhelming :sweat_smile:


You will now see the alternative meanings and/or names within the Lessons as well.

Happy studying!


It seems nice!

Could you make the audio autoplay when you move to or leave the tab with the audio mnemonic? Or make it as an option. I see that sometimes it autoplays, while other times it doesn’t. But it seems to only mostly autoplay when leaving the mnemonic page if I already clicked the audio once.

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The amount of negative whitespace looked off, so I condensed it a bit.

That sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:

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This is now implemented. Audio will play if you do not have the pronunciation muted within your Application Settings.

Specifically, it will play when you go forward to an item or if you click on an item within the lessons footer.

It’s quite helpful when getting used to the pronunciation, so thanks for the suggestion!

Finally, watch out for your browser. Sometimes the browser won’t allow autoplay depending on whether you “interacted” with the page, which is restricted to clicks and not keypresses for whatever reason :thinking:

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