Learning simplified after learning traditional

I’m learning traditional, it’s still very early days and I’m sticking with it. However, I know that at some point in time (but certainly not in the short term) I should learn simplified too.

I’ve read that moving from one to the other isn’t a massive job and should take perhaps up to a month to get used to the new characters.

I realise that this feature request must be very low on HanziHero’s no doubt long to-do list but I was wondering whether there might be an easy way to support this in the future to have both running at the same time (rather than waiting until I “finish” traditional and then totally switching to simplified) ?

Finally, I have to say that I’m just under a month starting with HanziHero and I’m finding that I look forward very much everyday to my reviews and new lessons. After learning Chinese on and off for 20+ years, hopefully this will be the push which - finally! - means I can get my reading level to near (and even surpass) my current probably intermediate or upper intermediate speaking level!


It could potentially be explored :slight_smile: I think a glaring issue is that there is duplication between the two courses, which is why in the course selection the items one learned in one of the courses could carry over to the other course.

We would need to have a way to determine what items to keep and exclude in this transitory period between the two courses :thinking:

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I was thinking about this before. Many people as they advance probably want to learn both scripts. Or at least have familiarity with both scripts. IMO I think the best way to address this with least toil to the user is to provide a character only course (or add “ character” items to the current course, using a completely different color so people aren’t confused). You could do other optimizations like only unlocking items when they become a certain SRS level (learning them simultaneously from the start could lead to confusion). You could also share the synonym dictionary, or even forgo the meanings entirely.

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