Learn the words in order of hsk

Is there a way to automatically learn the words in the order of the hsk textbooks? There seems to be a lot of “filler” words that are not strictly required for hsk purposes.

It’s rather painful exercise to individually prioritize every word.


There is currently no way to filter out non-HSK words.

Our target (for now, likely increasing later) is to have at least 2 words per character as we find that to be a good minimum for character reinforcement. This is why there are some non-HSK words taught, as the HSK can sometimes have only one (or no) words for a given character.

Additionally, in some cases the HSK does contain a word for a character, but it exists at a much higher HSK level than the character itself. In such cases, the other character within the word is usually at a higher HSK level too, thus learned later in the HanziHero curriculum. This requires us to still resort to non-HSK words in this scenario to make sure character reinforcement can happen soon after learning the character, instead of months later.

Of the ~1300 words we currently have in the curriculum (an amount that increases by ~50 per week), <25% are non-HSK words. That percentage will likely go down over time, as I find myself less and less often reaching outside of the HSK list when doing my weekly curriculum work.


thanks for the details. <25% is quite ok.