Items Learned widget 📈

We heard your feedback about wanting ways to filter and get an overview of your progress.

Working toward that, you’ll find a new widget on your Dashboard, the Items Learned widget.

This’ll give you an overview of the items you’ve learned up to today.

You can drill down into each item type by clicking on the legend.


More improvements to come :slight_smile:

Happy studying!


Pretty awesome. Thank you!


Just started playing around with this, it’s super awesome! I know that its all WIP, but here are few feedback points/suggestions:

  • I wish I could see the “total” in the gray hover box, right now I use this widget to look at words + characters, because the all single syllable words are “characters” in hanzi hero.
  • I would like to be able to filter by SRS stage in an interval with a range slider widget (I guess this is impossible if the history of an item hasn’t been stored)
  • Would be neat to see the “per day” chart, so I can see how my pace has fluctuated more easily.

I’m piggybacking on the great feedback. Pardon me if this has already been mentioned in another thread.

  • I think a “recent mistakes” (I’m spoiled by my WaniKani pursuits) would be monumental; the ability to hone in on “recent mistakes” would spare users a lot of time and second guessing.

I think also adding a historic review accuracy-score to the plot, or in some other way would be interesting.
Maybe for an aggregate/table you could show:

  • total accuracy since the dawn of time
  • accuracy the last 7 days
  • accuracy last session

Could also be interesting to have some previous accuracy metric shown next to your current accuracy number in a review session, to maybe tell you if your doing good or if you should consider coming back another day that your mind is more rested


I think an exact similar plot as the “Items Learned widget” where each color is the SRS stages that items can be in would be interesting too :eyes: But maybe just a page/widget with metrics for what percentage of the items of each HSK level you have at a specific SRS level (or higher) is sufficient, and actually more informative :thinking:

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I think that’s how it’ll be instead of integrating it all into one graph.

This is another graph I want to create as well! :smile:

Also, the above suggestion of accuracy is another great suggestion. I will have to experiment with that on the best way to display it/massage the data :thinking:

There were a lot of good suggestions in this thread! Recent mistakes, per day new items–I look forward to scoping out these ideas :slight_smile:

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This is now implemented. The “total” updates according to which item types you’ve filtered out.

I’ve updated the docs to reflect the changes :slight_smile: