HH website glitch

There’s some sort of glitch in the website which goes like this:

  • I’m reading in the forum.

  • I click Dashboard to get to the main page.

  • I click one of the extra study review buttons but rather than my web browser going to:

hanzihero .com/extra-study/recent-mistakes/reviews

it instead goes to:


and of course gives a page not found error.

I just tried it again but it works correctly. However, I’ve had the above problem about half a dozen times now but I don’t know why it sometimes works but at other times, I get the above result.

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Was this also on Safari?

I tried replicating your steps and can’t get it to hit :frowning:

It sounds like the base url within the browser doesn’t update for certain links for some reason :thinking:

Yes, this is also on macOS Safari!

It just happened again but I can’t reproduce the steps which trigger this.

If it gives any more clues, each time this happens and I end up at:


after going there from clicking review in the dashboard, if I then click the back button on my browser, it does NOT take me back to the dashboard (as expected) but instead back to the forum.

Yeah, it sounds like the history of the browser or the current url isn’t being updated. I’m not sure why at the moment, especially since you’re navigating from the forum, which–speaking from a technical standpoint–is unrelated to the main HanziHero application w.r.t. messing with the URL due to JavaScript :frowning:

It may be a Discourse issue. Let me know if you come across more steps for replication. I tried mimicking the reproduction steps several times in Safari to no avail :confused:

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Thank you! I just replied to a post elsewhere and then clicked on Dashboard and it happened. I’ll see if there’s any pattern to it, e.g. after replying to a forum post for example. I noticed also that when I get to the HH dashboard, the URL location in the browser still shows the community page address.

We’ve updated some potential culprits on our end that would cause this :face_with_monocle:

It’s interesting how the URL remains on community.hanzihero.com :thinking: it makes sense what’s happening then. The browser resolves relative links by combining them with the current URL of the tab, e.g. /relative/linkcommunity.hanzihero.com/relative/link

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Many thanks - I’ll let you know if it happens again (hopefully not)!


I spoke too soon! This is exactly what I did:

  • First time today, go to the forum by using its URL in my browser.

  • Click to read this thread and then replied (this post before editing).

  • Immediately afterwards, clicked on “Dashboard” in the upper right.

  • I got to the Dashboard but again with the browser URL shown being the forum.

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There seems to be a delay to updating the address URL after clicking on a link.

Maybe it is one of your Safari extensions causing this delay? I can’t seem to reproduce it :frowning:

Also, when you notice that it stays on community.hanzihero.com, does it eventually change into hanzihero.com or does the URL remain community.hanzihero.com no matter the amount of time passing?

In either case, I converted most of the links on the Dashboard to absolute links, which should make this race-condition irrelevant :sunglasses: next time it happens the links should just work and you’ll be able to navigate to lessons, reviews, extra study, etc.

Let me know if you’re able to make it happen again!

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Thank you! I’ll keep an eye out if it happens again and if it does, whether the URL changes (although I’m sure I left it like that for 30+ seconds when I took the above screenshot as I had to Google to remind me about the key combo to take a macOS screen shot).