HanziHero customizations

I wonder how difficult it is to give users extra freedom to customize more aspects of the mnemonics. Adding notes to curriculum elements is nice, but those notes are not usable as the main element during a quiz or review. For example, I find it easier to associate tones with emotions instead of locations. So 1, would be happy instead of outside, 2 is confused instead of inside, 3 is curious instead of basemebt, 4 is angry instead of bathroom and 5 is neutral instead of roof.

It seems like some elements are hardcoded, so I wonder, how much customizability can be achieved. Thanks!

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I hear you, sometimes a mnemonic won’t work. Having alternative mnemonics would be nice, but it’s a tricky path to tread depending on your objectives.

Especially if you change out the names of the sound personalities or components. The mnemonics sometimes uses properties of these sound personalities (e.g. Yoshi) to craft the mnemonic, like creating/throwing eggs. Doing a find & replace on characters which use Yoshi would have your new sound personality laying and throwing eggs :sweat_smile:

Expanding the app to support you in easily creating mnemonics for the characters you come across does sound interesting at first glance.

The downside though is that, as soon as you begin creating your own mnemonics and start customizing too much, you’re signing yourself up to create ~4k+ stories :grimacing: – to some, this may be a good thing, since it may make memorization easier!

These setbacks and demands on the user (creating ~4k+ mnemonics) are the reasons why we haven’t explored this too much :thinking:


Thank you for the response. What you said makes sense, there are tradeoffs to allowing additional customization. Standardizing the mnemonics makes it easier for the users by allowing them not to worry about these details. This is the kind of job AI would be great at. Maybe sometime in the future, you could consider automating a pipeline where the user chooses the mnemonics for each element, and use a large language model to generate coherent stories around each user’s configuration/customization. Could be an additional selling point for HH!