HanziHero API for user apps

I just started with hanzihero and so far this app is great!! Coming from WaniKani, this is a great app which matches the level of polish of WK!

Especially, I think it adapts well the entire mnemonic + SRS learning process to the Chinese language’s quirks

But I think it really lacks advertising :sweat_smile: Like when I was just starting out with Chinese, the first WK alternative that was suggested to me was Pandanese (which is not great imho)

I think with a little more publicity more people would join the developer group and create userscripts and statistics tools and etc, and HanziHero would become THE chinese learning webapp, which, in my opinion, is a title it deserves

Lastly I wanted to know whether an API is on the roadmap and if it is when are we getting it. I really want to make a wallpaper tool for hanzi progress and a mobile app, but really don’t want to spend a 1000 hours reverse engineering the http requests just to change it later anyway…:sweat_smile:

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Hello and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words!

We haven’t really given thought to an API, but it sounds like an exciting idea!

Having an API sounds like something fun to do :sunglasses: I would be curious to see what people would make. It seems like the whole Userscript thing from wanikani really bolsters community interactions, too :thinking:

The hanzi wallpaper idea sounds great! And the mobile app would be amazing too :smiley: are there a lot of users of the unofficial wanikani mobile apps? I wonder if these mobile apps are open source or not :thinking:

I would definitely love to see what people could make out of user data w.r.t. statistics. It’s in our backlog, but other things often take priority :sweat_smile:

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Unofficial apps are the lifeline for mobile WaniKani users ahahah

I don’t know about wanikani’s policy regarding the need to make apps that use their API, but it seems that most of the apps are open source!

Yeah, definitely, the contents of the main web app are way more important than the API, but it would be awesome to have an API soon (as the web app on monile works kind of janky)