FR: word/character groups

Sometimes for one reason or another I’d like to view some group of characters so that I could look at them side by side. This use case isn’t always captured by the existing “Visually Similar”, “Similar Meaning”, “Component found in” user journeys. For example:

Superficially Visually Similar

Sometimes things look similar-ish but in some way not actually related to the radicals. For example 赛 and 演 for whatever reason I always confuse.

Visually similar series not captured by the app

e.g. 遍篇骗偏编 etc. While you can technically get this list with the 册 component, it’s not always the case. The visually similar list on the item pages don’t always list the full thing.

Similar meaning series not captured by the app

For some reason HSK 6 has like 5 characters that have to do with stepping/treading/etc… 踏蹈踩跨践. Again, while you can sort of get this list by using the 足 radical, it would be nice to just see the whole list.

Given the complexity of the situation and individual user needs, it would be nice if we could build custom lists, have a page to view the all, and somehow list them in the curriculum page.

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