FR: Customizing your curriculum

So I’m about a week away from entering the abyss that is HSK 7-9. For HSK 1-4 and to a lesser extent 5-6, going in order HSK order was necessary as there are massive differences in frequency for each band. But in HSK 7-9 it seems more useful to choose your own adventure - frequency is going to be largely dictated by the domain.

Right now, the best way to chart your own course is to every day, select X characters and prioritize them. However, this is kind of tedious because you have to do it daily. Instead I wish we could have one of the following (if not both) user journeys:

Reorder prioritization

Currently prioritization is FILO, which is rather inflexible. It would be nice to see the entire list of prioritized characters and then drag and drop them around. I would like to prioritize characters I see in the wild then occasionally pull to the front certain characters.

A must have for this feature would be the ability to cap the character limit for the day. I believer the word limit as implemented only sets an upper bound on words, so 20 prioritized characters = no words for the day.

A nice to have for this feature would be the option to enqueue to the front or back of the queue, similar to how in karaoke or chromecast you can “add to queue” or “play next”.

Favorite Characters

Another way you could make it easier to plan the curriculum is if users could bookmark characters, and also have a bookmarked filter in the curriculum page. That way, I could bookmark characters I see in the wild and prioritize some set of them everyday. Currently what I do is keep a list in a spreadsheet of characters I’d like to prioritize. This isn’t ideal because A) it’s off platform and B) I have to prune learned items from that list (sometimes the I learn the item unprioritized even). If the bookmarking was a part of the site, I could just use the curriculum page to filter by unlearned + bookmarked.

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