Font change option?

I have noticed that the moment I see many of these characters in a more calligraphic font I no longer recognize them. A great future option would be to have a few font choices so we can practice learning to recognize characters in different fonts.


Yes, I would love to see at least 1 songti and kanti font options.


This is a great idea that I definitely see us implementing at some point as an advanced setting. One thing to note is that there can exist component differences across fonts, so we’ll need a way to easily hover/click on the characters to show the character(s) using our main Noto Sans SC/TC font where the components will always correctly align.


I would love to see this as well. Perhaps a ‘random font’ option might be nice as well to get equal exposure to the different types of fonts (or perhaps an alternative could be I could pick a different font to use each day)


A user interface idea that would unify the 2 asks here is to have a list of font styles to choose from. Each one selected would be randomly selected from on a given day. If only one font style is selected, then it will always be that font. The default could be to only have heiti selected so that users would need to opt in.