Feedback about Extra Study

Recent Mistakes:

I don’t understand how this widget works - it says it lists items where you made a mistake in the past two days. Does that mean two aligned days or 48 hours (I think it’s this, but not sure). In any case, I wish it were review cycle aligned and adjustable. I want to be able to study mistakes from last and last last review, regardless of when I start my study session.

Recently Learned:

I also wish this was adjustable. Since it takes only the lesson + one review for an item to be “familiar” or w/e, this widget basically only shows the items from your last lesson assuming you got the first review correct.

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You would be right – it’s the latter :slight_smile:

There’s definitely merit to this. Snapping it to the last 48hours doesn’t really align with the rest of the app. Being able to peak into previous days would be valuable, especially if you don’t have the time the day of to go through one’s mistakes.

I can see a date adjuster, which could potentially allow one to go through all mistakes over the past week :thinking:

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Yeah the main thing here is adjustability/consistency. It’s really jarring to sometimes have only a handful of things to extra study and other times have over 50.

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