Feature request: trouble words free play lightning round

I don’t know what to call it, but I would love a feature that takes the top 20 words or characters you struggle with the most and lets you do a lightning round whenever you feel like it to brush up and prepare for your next full review.

I know for me this would help me with some of the characters that are visually similar that I keep messing up.

This could either be generated from your stats - simply generate a secondary review that is based on the top words the user has gotten wrong the most - or users can mark certain words or characters “need extra practice” or something and that would add the word to a list of words you can practice extra. Or maybe it’s both.

I would make this lightning round feature accessible any time. I think you do yourself a disservice by not having some review or activity users can engage in any time they want to. There’s sort of a game-like element to this software and it can be a little sad when, as a user, I’m in the mood to “play” but all my lessons and reviews are used up. It forces me to go use another app. Why not keep me here? Give me something to do any time.

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Thanks for the feedback.

We have this planned in the coming months. Starting with these two extra study modes:

  1. Go over newly learned items (any item that is not “familiar”)
  2. Go over recent mistakes (last 24/48 hours)

And then expanding from there. I think (2) should help a lot with what you say. I can see us adding another third option that looks at historical problem items as well within the last e.g., month.