Feature Request: Review reorder

Hi all!

I’m new the HH but I am loving it so far, I used WK to bring my Japanese to fluency and HH is scratching the itch while I start on my Mandarin journey (and is unique to WK in so many ways that it is very refreshing!)

Something that I have thought about is potentially having the option to ‘structure’ your reviews. For example, setting it so that all components come up to review before characters do, which come before vocab. Its not a huge change, and i’m not sure if other people agree, but my brain likes the order of completing one set and moving on to another. Or potentially ‘re-ordering’ the reviews so they appear by HSK level, or by SRS stage?

This was a bit more pertinent in WK as a certain amount of characters (not components or vocab) were required to advance to the next level, but I still think it could be a nice feature if possible. Keep up the great work!!

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Welcome to the forum!

I can see the appeal of this, as it’s a way to gain momentum in your reviews and also motivation–as you’ve mentioned, it’s nice to just “check one set off the list” :slight_smile:

I guess the main reason we have randomized question ordering today is to mimic how characters show up in immersion: arbitrarily, rather than in groupings :face_with_monocle:

But(!) I won’t undercut the importance of momentum and maintaining motivation, and having these sort of knobs could help toward that!

An argument for having it sort by item type, for example, is that one can brush up on components they may be struggling with before getting characters that use the same components.

This sort of Review customization seems to pair quite well with the other thread.

We’ll give it some thought, thanks for the suggestion!


Great to hear back from you!

I agree that the random order (as it is now) is important, predictability can lead to pattern memorization rather than actual acquisition so to speak. When I taught English it took me a year to realize the students didn’t know how to read the alphabet, they just remembered the order! After that we dropped the alphabet song for good haha

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I’ve experienced that inadvertently my brain knows a character from knowing the set of flashcards, e.g. “X has to mean this, because I can’t think of any other characters like this”.

Not long ago I encountered a text that drew comparison to a bowl’s diameter using 碗. I thought I knew this character intimately but because of the context I was completely stumped, thinking it was some more technical meaning associated with 宛.

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