Feature Request: Prioritization of "more known" items after a longer break


Context: I’ve been trying to come back to HanziHero quite some times after being away for 1-3+ months, but I’ve lost motivation as the daily reviews are so high (currently 947 items) and I get so many failures since there are quite a bunch of items I barely knew before going away.

Ask/Thought: Could there be an option of prioritizing items with higher SRS levels so that I can faster decrease the backlog and being eased back into using HanziHero?

I think this solution could be helpful for everyone in the long run as I think it would effectively help keep the backlog small


Thanks for the feedback!

We’ve been thinking about how to handle the case of someone going away for a while and coming back. One feature we’ve thought of having is to have an ability to do bulk-reset based on SRS stage. E.g., resetting anything that is Iron and/or Bronze stage, so it can be relearned in lessons and eliminated from clogging up reviews.

We need to first add an ability to reset individual items on the item page. Then one can go to the e.g., list of characters page, sort by SRS stage, and individually reset items they have definitely forgot.

However if resetting all items below a certain stage is something you would be interested in, or if you have a list of items you want to reset, I can also manually do it for you in the database until such features exist.

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