Feature Request: Filter/Ignore words outside my level

Sorry if this already exists, or has been suggested before - I did a search and also scanned the feedback category and didn’t see it.

Right now I’m loving HanziHero in general. However I semi-regularly getting shown words that are far beyond my level. There’s an opportunity cost to that in terms of time and brain power, so I’d love to just automatically ignore/filter out words that are well outside my HSK level until I get there. Currently I’m about 80 characters into HSK 1, so not very far at all and for example this shows up:

水手 - HSK7-9

I totally get why, I’ve learnt both those characters so in one sense it’s a very logic word to show. This is basically the entire point behind HH and I’m there for it in general!

However I cannot remember the last time I said “sailor” in English let alone needing it in Mandarin so not really relevant word to me. Currently I can manually skip these words, and I have started doing that, but it’s a manual process that one day I’ll have to go back an un-skip them.

If possible in future I’d love a separate feature that just let me ignore/filter words from the new queue that aren’t near my current HSK levels. Could either just be a “limit words to my level” checkbox, or a “limit words to at least X levels ahead” selection where I could pick +1, +2, +3, +4, etc HSK levels ahead (i.e. I have no issue with the HSK3 words showing up personally). It could even just be another part of “Word Unlocking” so words don’t unlock unless they’re close to your level. Don’t really mind exactly how. As long as my new word queue automatically looks semi reasonable for my level I’d be happy.

Not a deal breaker though, but would be helpful for newer users like me so it feels more relevant. This probably varies by user but I’m not in a rush to learn every word possible, I’d rather slightly less words overall if meant the ones I did get were more relevant.

(Oh and words like 条文 should also be filtered by that setting. It could just put the “+ not even in the HSK” words in the 7-9 level for “filter to my level” purposes)


Thanks for the feedback! I think a good first step for this is making it so that one can skip words (or anything, really) within the Lesson page directly, without needing to do so beforehand. We may also need to make the HSK level more clear in the lesson. We are working on integrating that into the Lesson page sometime this month.

Once those changes are out, we may explore also having what you mention about having an advanced filtering setting for the word queue if the manual skipping is still not ideal. But I think the integrated skipping changes will make this sort of manual filtering many times easier than it is today. :+1: