Feature Request: Default Settings for item's learned widget

I really like this widget, and use it every day to look at my chart. At 3 months in, I don’t really care about how many sounds I learned or components, just words + characters as a proxy for total vocab and unique characters. I wish we could in some setting make it so I didn’t have to toggle off the sounds/components.

Curious also to see how the other users feel.

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Yeah, I agree that at a certain point number of sounds learned isn’t very interesting as it converges quite quickly. I’m actually more interested in seeing a similar plot where the categories are the SRS levels. So you can see how your SRS levels are distributed over time. As the items learnt is not based on performance, but just on if you do your new lessons each day or not - but now that I’ve finally stopped doing lessons each day, for a while, it actually has value though :see_no_evil:


That’s a good point. I have almost 70% of my items in the gold stage!

We had an idea of adding that initially, but decided to just start off with this one for now. The idea is that the HSK breakdown gives a better overview of “where I am” and the items learned gives an idea of “velocity” or “progress” over time.

One thing I’m not sure about is whether splitting by stages alone (i.e., for a single stage, count all items types in that stage) is enough for what most people want to see. Or does it need to be partitioned by stages and by item type?

W/r/t to the OP, we will look into having the widget remember previous selection choice next time we make changes in this area.

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