Feature request: Ability to add new words

Hi I am really loving my experience with HH so far. One thing I’ve been thinking about was it would be nice if I could add new characters/words I encounter in the wild into my learning. I realise this may go outside of the logic of HH in terms of learning the pre-requisite components before characters etc… So maybe there could be a limit on how many new characters you could add a week? I imagine it working by there being a button added on word and character definition pages like ‘+ add to my words’. Maybe if you haven’t learnt the components featured those could be added to?

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If you go on any character or word, that you haven’t learned yet, you can click on the little flash. This prioritzes the item. It will also automatically add the sounds and components next in your queue if you don’t know them yet.


As @seb mentioned, this feature exists for both characters and words, and can be done by navigating to the individual word or character page, usually by the search box.

In terms of adding extra words that exist outside of our current curriculum, this is something we are currently exploring. The current idea is to load in a large portion of the CEDICT dictionary entries (~100k) as a sort of separate “Dictionary Word” type that can then manually be queued on an individual basis. They wouldn’t have a mnemonic or anything like that, but we think this would allow people to use HanziHero for 99% of their word/character SRS needs. This feature is still a while away though, as we have a long backlog of other features we want to get to first! :construction_worker_man:


Thanks @seb I didn’t realise that was a feature! That will definitely be a big asset for my learning thank you. @kevin those planned features sound exciting too :slight_smile: